GAM GPL Zero-Backlash Robotic Planetary Gearbox: The New Standard in High Precision GearboxesGPL Planetary Gearbox

GAM’s GPL Series Robotic Planetary Gearbox combines the lowest backlash and high tilting rigidity with vibration-free motion for smooth, controlled motion in robotics and motion control .


  • Backlash ≤ 0.1 arcmin (6 arcsec), 10x better than other precision gearboxes
  • Best-in-the-market torsional rigidity for ≤ 0.6 arcmin lost motion
  • Operates vibration-free for superior positional accuracy and control throughout the motion
  • No adjustment required:Patented design guarantees backlash will not increase over the life time of the gearbox
  • Operating life of 20,000 hours
  • Industry-accepted proven performance
  • Integrated Motor Adapter Plate ready to mount your motor
  • Replaces direct drive motors at significant cost savings
  • Exceed the performance of a cycloidal gearbox in almost every application

Gearbox Construction

The GPL Series has three stages:

  1. Helical pinion and gear: high ratios and quiet operation
  2. Planetary spur: fixed ratio
  3. Conical spur: lifetime zero backlash

GPL Series Models

GPL gearboxes are available in component form or with cover and integrated input pinion with motor adapter


Solid Flange Output

GPL robotic planetary gearbox


Hollow Flange Output

GCL-F Cycloidal Gearbox with input and cover

GPL Planetary vs. Cycloidal

Why use the GPL Robotic Planetary instead of a cycloidal? The GPL Robotic Planetary exceeds the performance of a cycloidal gearbox in almost every application.

The Industry Standard
Cycloidal Gearbox
The New Standard
GAM GPL Robotic Planetary Gearbox
Cycloidal Gearbox GPL Robotic Planetary Gearbox
  60 arcsec backlash   6 arcsec backlash
10 times better backlash
during motion
  Vibration free-motion
  Adjustment required   Backlash maintained for rated life
no adjustment needed
  6,000 hours rated life   20,000 hours rated life
3+ times better life

Additional Information