GAM GCL Robotic Cycloidal GearboxGCL Cycloidal Gearbox

GAM’s GCL Series Robotic Cycloidal Gearboxes provide low backlash and high rigidity for horizontal and vertical robotic and motion control applications.


  • Backlash of ≤1 arcmin with lost motion of ≤1 arcmin
  • Withstands the frequent start-stop impact loads of industrial robots with impact resistance 5x nominal torque
  • Multi-tooth meshing for torsional rigidity
  • Multiple sizes and ratios with flange or hollow flange output
  • Available as
    • Component with loose input shaft/pinion (GCLC-F, GCLC-H)
    • Gearbox with cover, integrated input, and motor mounting plate (GCL-F)
  • Drops in for many competitors’ products
  • Integrated motor adapter plate ready to mount your motor
  • Optional integrated pre-stage

GCL Cycloidal with Pre-Stage for Easy Integration

GCL with integrated Dyna Series Right Angle Pre-StageDo you need a cycloidal gearbox with additional reduction or a right angle input?

GAM provides a complete gearbox, including the integrated pre-stage, ready to mount into your application. A single produt with a single part number simplifies ordering.

Pre-Stage options include:

  • Right angle turn with additional speed reduction using hypoid gearing for a compact configuration
  • Right angle turn in low ratios from 5:1 down to 1:1
  • Inline configuration with additional speed reduction

As with all GAM gearboxes, the GCL with pre-stage comes with a motor adapter plate ready to mount your motor

Robot Application


The GCL is well suited to high-end industrial robotics and motion control applications with its ability to withstand start-stop impact loads five times nominal torque.

  • Robotics
  • Tool changers
  • Positioning
  • Turntables
  • Pick & Place

GCL Series Models


Flange Output (Components)

GCL-F Cycloidal Gearbox with input and cover


Hollow Flange Output (Components)

GCL-F Cycloidal Gearbox with input and cover


Flange Output with Cover & Integrated Input

GCL-F Cycloidal Gearbox with input and coverGCL-F with Motor Adapter

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