Elastomer Couplings

GAM offers you a complete line of elastomer couplings. We can help you define your coupling needs and offer you technically superior and cost-effective solutions. Our extensive manufacturing capabilities and highly skilled machinists enable us to customize your couplings for your exact applications and we offer same day delivery for custom bored couplings.

  • The use of elastomer spiders with shore hardness ratings from 72-D to 98-A permit dampening of vibration caused by system resonance
  • An affordable alternative if high stiffness is not critical
  • The involute shaped teeth of the elastomer spider and jaws are preloaded and will not loosen over time.
  • Ensures zero backlash and allows for easy plug-in assembly

Need an elastomer coupling fast?

Our EKM and EKC series ship in 5 business days standard - custom bores and keyways included!

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Elastomer Couplings Zero Backlash EKM Series


Elastomer Couplings Zero Backlash EKC Series


Elastomer Couplings Zero Backlash ESM-A Series


Elastomer Couplings Zero Backlash EKS Series


Can keyways be machined into GAM couplings?

Keyways are not recommended by GAM as they can actually introduce backlash into machine systems overtime. While not recommended, keys can still be machined into the couplings upon request.
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What is the standard bore tolerance for GAM couplings?

The standard bore tolerance provided on GAM couplings is G6.
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